Louisiana Delta Ballet

Monroe Music and Art

Northeast Louisiana maintains and shares a tradition of arts. Being the hub for the region, Monroe’s music and arts culture is evident by the numerous venues within the area. There, you can find the Riverside Cultural District, with a span of galleries, museums and performance venues throughout the Downtown Riverfront area. The district also crosses the river to encompass part of Downtown West Monroe.

Northeast Louisiana offers a diverse selection of art and music venues to explore. The largest visual arts museum in the region, the Masur Museum of Art, can be found in Monroe’s Cultural District. Museums and galleries in the region house everything from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and photography. Some museums and galleries also provide workshops and classes.

Ballet, theater and opera represent a few of the performance opportunities that residents of Monroe and the surrounding areas attend. Additionally, the Monroe Symphony Orchestra not only provides the region with seasonal concert series each year, it also strives to enrich the community through educational music programs, such as its Sound Safari series for elementary students. From the University of Louisiana at Monroe to the Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston, the region provides a number of locations for musical performances and ranges in style from classic pieces to youthful, modern performances.

In Monroe, music, art and performances are celebrated with a number of events and festivals. Opportunities range from a bi-weekly gallery crawl in Downtown Monroe to the annual celebration of Northeast Louisiana’s Celtic heritage with music and dance.

Because the region continues to expand as a cultural hub, residents of Monroe can expect to benefit from more and varied arts venues. In addition, the area brings tax-exempt art, classes from pottery to painting to dance, as well as an evolving streetscape through improved sidewalks, roadways and bike paths.