Blend of the Bayou

Racing Dragons on the Water at the Bayou DeSiard Dragon Boat Festival

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The annual Bayou DeSiard Dragon Boat Festival takes place during the third weekend of May. More than 30 teams from around the region participate, testing their paddling skills in this unique event that not only brings an aspect of Chinese culture to the city but also raises money for a local nonprofit each year.

Because racing the 40-foot long vessels requires precise timing and synchronicity, a drummer accompanies each boat in order to provide a cadence for the rowers, which adds to the excitement. Colorful boats and extravagant costumes are all part of the fun, and spectators enjoy a lively atmosphere over the course of the day with food, drinks and live music.

Canopies, tents and seats line the banks of the bayou and the crowd enthusiastically cheers the competitors on to victory. The three fastest teams take home medals and bragging rights for the year, and prizes are handed out for best-dressed drummer, team spirit and best-dressed team. The Bayou DeSiard Dragon Boat Festival is a fun and memorable event that makes a great day for both participants and spectators.

Photo Credit: Candice Head